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. it's said to be completed in 2013. >>> more than 200 bus passengers left stranded in texas. coming up, why the red cross had to be called in to help out. >>> another stranded tourist. airline workers decided to help this guy out. >>> some of the best tech toys for kids in 2011, first up, the fidget. a robot for girls ages 6 and up. >> it can dance to music. it can say 150 phrases, it can respond to natural language. >> next up, the v tech advanced notebook. this laptop for ages five up and feature as screen, keyboard, mouse and touch pad. >> for kids trying to get their hands on your laptop this may hold them off for a while. the hardware feels very grown up. >> finally for the budding photographer , the fisher price kid tough, see yourself camera. >> it's a real camera. it takes nice pictures but literally tough, you can drop it and it won't break. >>> crews are working to keep the roads safe for the drivers in abilene. temperatures fell around the freezing mark causing icy conditions. drivers skidding, slipping and spinning out of control, some roadways had to be closed due to hazar
-99 and 2006. they were buried alive on christmas day... now one texas family is thanking rescuers for saving their lives. when you see the pictures... it's hard to believe they were ever found. david higgens and his family left texas in their s-u-v and drove into new mexico... when their car got stuck in the snow.the family had food and water... but the snow was unrelenting... and the s-u-v became entombed... making it impossible to dig out.higgenn says they were able to make some cell phone contact..and tell rescuers an their approximate location...but finding them was difficult... and as one night..turned to two... the situation turned desperate. ((its one of those things you never wanted to say we both we knew we were in trouble ...all we cold say is we love ;you if its gods wiil its god will)) will)) rescuers finally rescued the family ... and higgens says they cannot thank them enough. a kansas man is being called a hero after saving two young girls from this icy pond christmas day.the 6 and 7 year old girls were playing on the pond when the ice gave way.bud brown saw
expected across new mexico, texas, oklahoma, kansas and colorado as much as a foot and a half is expected. some how, it's going to excite the pandas, but we won't get anything like that here. no shot of a white christmas here in maryland. >>> are you happy about that? >> i want snow. >> you are with justin and that. okay. i wouldn't mind having a white christmas. now doesn't look like we are. the snow is contained to around the four corners of new mexico, rain in to texas. closer to home, high and dry, it's going to stay that way through the rest of today. the only thing i think we could be getting is maybe rain possible as we go through the next couple of days. as i look at the long-term forecast in to christmas, we could be dry, maybe a little bit chillier. 7 days away, things could change, we will keep our fingers crossed for you that want the snow. temperatures are cold with the temperature coming in around 27 degrees, by this afternoon, we will warm up nicely on a southerly flow, temperature coming in around 50 degrees. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. >>> good morning t
pipeline frommcanada to texas. in their plan, house republicaas have tied thh approval of the keyytoneex-l project."the american people wanttjobs. this issas close to a shovel ready project that - yoo're ever going toosee."thh won't make aadecision on the keystone project until 013 to &plook inttoenvvronmentall -3 concerns.if the bill does pass the house, senate democrats sayythey'll nix the keystone proviiion.and president obama hhs vowed to reject any bill that includes ii.i'm greg black, reporting. 3& theehouse republiccn plan & calls forrthe ayroll tax cuu to be extended for a would also cct bacc the length current 99 weeks to 59. &p3 a new study finds sociall factors... not genetics... are the reason why boys tenn to be better at math ttan's peen long eporttd that males perforr better than femalee. differenne is culturrl... and -3 that the gender gap doees't even eeist in sooe countrres..- published by the ameriian 3 girls perform better at math &pin placee wherr ttere is morr gender equality. 3& a famiiy is countinn ts - blessings
inspired people around the world... evee touching the hearts of celebrities... texas teen... ben breedlove shows no fear... just days before his untimely death in his last few videos... he suffered from a heart condition... but didn't let the disease slow him erin cargile explains... hew was an inspiration to his friends, and family. family. --reporter pkg-as follows -- ben breedlove begins his story telling the world about the heart condition he was born with.hcm short for hypertrophic carddomyopathy. a disease of the heart muscle most people couldn't tell he had.even when it showed.he was crossing the street at school one ime and he just dropped in the middle of the street from his heart condition and his friends helped him up and he just kept going and they laughed about it. he didn't take ittoverly seriously he went with it.doctors didn't expect ben to live past his early teens.the 18-year-old had a pacemaker put in two years ago...that gave him more energy, helped regulate his heart and stretch his limits. allowing him to spend more time on the lake, traael to alaska with hi
and heavy rain out of east texas that lay lou the upper level winds, you can sigh it takes us back to the wet and it could be very wet tonight. temperatures mild again unlike yesterday's record high of 62. we will be be close to the temperature but not close to a record. that will be 70 today. we are aiming for 606789 part will you sunny sky. the rain tense and christmas outlook we will tack about next. here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: on the roadways right now, checking in with anne arundel county police and we have a road closure with an accident in pasadena. for those of you who normally take route 648 at almond road we are shut down. the best bet is to take mcafee bridge road. no closures on i-95. it's a good trip through howard county north bond to the baltimore beltway. and here's beltway's top side where we are incident free between bel air and green spring avenue. back to you>>> it's not too early to make plans for new year's eve, but up next, the plans the mayor has put in place for you to enjoy the new year's eve celebration in baltimore. >>> plus, how a 10 millio
!on the heels of an alleged incident in texas -- women around the country took to the retail giant's locations to breast-feed in dubbed "nurse-ins".are you going to nurse me mommylast month mmchelle hickman says she was nursing her five month old at a target outside hhuston.she said she was in a remote area and using a blankettfor cover, but employees told hee to move to a fitting room.weeks later -- she was mong the mothers's about women everywhere all over the world that this is aving an effect upon on a daily basis. displeased by what they heard -- women showed solidarity wwth the 35-year-old by holding nurse-ins in other target in chicago --it's not about my convenience it's about his health and his comfortresponding to the incident target spokespeople say patrons are welcome to breast-feed in public areas target is aafamily oriented 3 company so if a guest chooses to breastfeed in our store target supportt it one-hundred percentthe minneapolis-based chain also apologized over the incident in texas -- and says they have spoken with hickman. i'm ninette sosa reporting from
caucuses are --according to the american research group -- texas congressman ron paul has a slight lead over romney and gingrich.others -- such as rick perry -- rick santorum -- and michelle bachmann -- aren't counting themselves out and continue to barnstorm across the state.i'm greg black reporting. nationally ... a poll released tuesday has gingrich up by one point over romney ... 25 percent to 24.ron paul is in third with 11 percent and rick perry holds 8 percent.earlier this month gingrich held double digit leads over the rest of the field. north koreans said their final goodbyes to their leader... kim jong the're looking at pictures of a massive ceremony...his successor, kim jong un, has taken a front and central role in the procession.. walking alongside his father's body. after ruling since 1994.. kim jong il died of a heart attack less than two weeks ago.. at age 69. we now know what killed rrpper and actor heavy d last month.a coroner's report says the 44 year old entertainer died of a blood clot in his lung and other conditions. heavy d became famous in 19-91
rick perry but seems that the governor of texas has lost some momentum. romney thanks bush and says his backing meant a lot to him personally. >>> you can now get your news quicker and easier through the new ipad app at it's a great way to stay connect inside your hometown and around the world 24 hours a day. if you don't have an ipad, no need to worry. we have apps for your smart phone and other smart devices. >>> ravens fans, the last two weeks of the season just got a little bit tougher. why bolden will miss the last two games of the season after undergoing knee surgery. coach harbaugh stated bolden will miss the games after slightly tearing cart lidge in one of his knees. the surgery is being done by one of the top doctors in the u.s. bolden has three touchdown catches so far this season is expected to be ready come playoff time. >>> speaking of the last few games to make your holiday celebration complete, the ravens will play saturday. they'll be taking on the cleveland browns christmas eve afternoon at 1:00. the birds lost to the chargers 14-34. we usually do it
in western texas and we will talk about that in moment. low pressures and that drags in the southerly winds ahet head of it. that's why we get the stream of moisture. a band in virginia. once we get the rain late morning today then the afternoon turns wet and we could have thunder mixed in and the pattern slides through over the next couple days. another piece of energy through northern mexico. cold air starting to dive out of canada. the whole ideas is the pattern is starting to shift and turningcolder next week. what happens in the mix. we will get those bands of rain especially this afternoon expected to be wet soggy and maybe even heavy stuff at times and rumbles of thunder towards the evening. that gets out of here a break tomorrow and tomorrow night. and on into thursday morning we get another round of rain. behind that is when the computer models are split and that's the big deciding point as to what happens for the weekend. we are hanging on for hope for some of you. there's been a change since yesterday i want to highlight. near 60 today and that's more like the evening. rain ends
northeastern new mexico and northwestern texas in the panhandle. also, in the oklahoma panhandle as well but forecasters knew the storm was come. >>> and drivers taking to the air are wishing for something different for the holidays a new study shows two out of every five air passengers wish for another form of transportation to get to their destination. you want to snap your fingers and go? the majority of passengers, 70% whether check one bag and 58% of passengers will be bringing they will be in tow as well. now 32% will be carrying gifts on the plane and others say they checked them along with the luggage for even longer waits and longer lines. justin. >>> hopefully the gifts don't get wet a lot of rain coming up. dry this morning and mild 49 in baltimore and 43 near easton and cool down because of rain that's been plaguing the lower eastern shore for the benefit of the overnight and early morning hours. light rain right now and it's southeast and over towards denton and federalsburg and cambridge and salisbury. that's about it. we take this back to the wider picture and another band
to the hospital. some of the injuries were quite serious. >>> and texas man is free after being wrongfully convicted of killing his wife in 1987. dna testing that was not available when he was sentenced proved his innocence. thanks to the evidence police are look for mother -- look for another man the judge apologized for morton and his family. >> all of my son's years he is 28 now. they are all gone. >> a lot of things are gone. my relationship with my in- laws, about a quarter century of my life and yet this is a good day. >> morton sell gibel for financial compensation from a special state fund which is used to set up for cases like this. >>> a michigan dad who allowed his the-year-old -- 9-year-old daughter to drive after he was driving pled guilty to child abuse charges. the father-daughter duo made headlines after surveillance video caught them pulling out of the gas station. instied the -- inside the station he described his daughter as the designated driver. >>> story of two teens who found themselves behind a rock and hard place. the 13 and 14-year-old cuss wryness hiking with a r
was then turned over to the juvenile court. >>> a family from texas on a holiday trip ended up being stranded for days. coming up how rescue crews were able to find them and how that family is doing this morning. >>> plus if you shopped online at best buy, why you may not be receiving your order as quickly as possible. we'll bring you what's new now and next on this friday, december 23rd. you're watching "good morning maryland." a live look down at the inner harbor. >>> news time 5:08. the pictures say it all, a family buried in a snow drift for nearly two kays. two adults and their 5-year-old daughter were traveling to mexico monday when they were struck by the storm. search crews found the family's suv under four feet of ice. of course, they were lethargic and clinging to one another when they were found. at last check, that family is still in the hospital. >>> sunshine expected today in denver, but not before mother nature dumped nearly a foot of snow on that city. the weather has made holiday travel a nightmare and crews are working around the clock to clear the runways at denver inter
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13